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In Japan, there is an ancient concept that spirits (= Gods) dwell in all of creation, and bizarre things out of the ordinary were considered to be the work of hobgoblins. I think that scary stories, tales of horror and monster houses in which they appeared, give you such chills that it beats the heat of summer, which is also testimony that the wonder of Japanese culture has survived from olden times up to the present. In summer 2015, at Shiodome Park Hotel Tokyo, we have a large collection of hobgoblins down through the ages. This summer, why not pluck up your courage to visit the scary exhibition at the Park Hotel Tokyo?

[Event Duration]: June 29 (Mon), 2015 - August 30 (Sun), 2015
[Hours]: 11:30-22:00 /PARK HOTEL TOKYO 25F ART LOUNGE



Hotel culinary artists express their creativity in ART colours.

Tateru Yoshino, executive chef of tateru yoshino bis;
Motomichi Sekiguchi, head chef of restaurant Hanasansho;
Takayuki Suzuki, chief cocktail designer.


Artist Room


Artist in Hotel [AIH]

In the project, the hotel has transformed standard guest rooms into Artist Rooms encapsulating their creators' passions and views of the world. Japanese artists are invited to paint on walls and decorate the rooms with their original paintings or art objects based on the inspiration they obtained while staying at the hotel.



Atrium Tour


The sky garden on the 25th floor of the Park Hotel Tokyo, is the largest in Tokyo, and extends across 10 floors.
On the Atrium Tour page, you can see works from the YOKAI TOUR Ⅱ exhibition,
restaurant dishes and cocktails, displayed on a map.
Please enjoy your walk through the sky garden.