Hotel culinary artists express their creativity in ART colours.
Taking part are Tateru Yoshino, chef of tateru yoshino bis;
Yoshiaki Takada, chef of the restaurant Hanasanshou; and Takayuki Suzuki, cocktail designer.


Tateru Yoshino Bis

tateru yoshino bis(25F) Executive Chef TATERU YOSHINO

"Assorted winter seafood"

Period: 15 Dec. 2014(Mon)-1 Mar. 2015(Sun)
Note: excluding the periods 22 Dec.-25 Dec. and 31 Dec.-4 Jan.
Price: 2,800yen〜 (tax and service charge included)
* Dishes prepared depend on the availability of ingredients
* The photo shows a portion for 2 people


Hanasansho(25F) Head Chef Yoshiaki Takada

"Small pot of Kyoto-Mibu-na vegetables and winter duck"

Period:1 Nov. 2014(Sat)-28 Dec.(Sun)
Price: 1,782yen (tax and service charge included)


バル ア ヴァン タテルヨシノ

THE SOCIETY(25F) Chief Cocktail Designer Takayuki Suzuki

Cocktail "Honey Bear"

Period: 15 Dec. 2014(Mon)-1 Mar. 2015(Sun)
Price: 1,500yen (tax and service charge included)


ART Lounge

ART Lounge(25F)

Dessert d' ART "White cat coming from the sea"

Period: 15 Dec. 2014(Mon)-1 Mar. 2015(Sun)
Price: ◆Tea time (14:30-17:00) 1,800yen <Served with coffee> (tax and service charge included) 
◆Dinner time(17:30-22:00) 1,200yen (tax and service charge included)

* Please note that menu is subject to change depending on availability.


Tateru Yoshino

Executive Chef Tateru Yoshino

Tateru Yoshino goes to extremes to ensure that the ingredients' natural goodness are fully expressed before serving them gracefully in a manner based on the concept of terre (earth) cuisine, which involves preparing dishes as nature intended without disturbing their inherent beauty or essentiality.
Yoshino claims that his vast array of dishes, including his Wild Rabbit Royale and Veal Head Stew, which have attracted the attention of the world's foremost gourmets, are based upon the natural scenery of the place in which he was born and raised.
His creative French presentations that are attracting huge attention in Paris and in Tokyo are sure to be the center of even further attention in the coming future.

Yoshiaki Takada

Head Chef Yoshiaki Takada

Takada claims, “The greatest virtue is kindness to others - if you practice that, you will inherently know your guests needs. That is what cooking is all about. I try to develop dishes which take the superb cooking of Kyoto one step further, while still respecting the traditional Kyoto spirit.

Main Achievements:
1995 Head Chef at Katsura, Kasumigaseki Annex Restaurant
2003 Head Chef at Hanasanshou Japanese Restaurant, Park Hotel Tokyo
2008 Awarded one star by the Michelin Guide to Tokyo, Yokohama and Shonan

Takayuki Suzuki

Chief Cocktail Designer Takayuki Suzuki

Graduated From New York International Bartenders’ School.
Studied the art of making cocktails at hotels and bars in Japan and overseas.
Introduced a new lifestyle through cocktails for both private individuals and companies in Cocktail Class, self-enlightenment seminars, and at the Takayuki Suzuki Bartender School which he supervises.
Authored the book, Perfect Martini. His whisky cocktails are regularly featured in the worldwide circulated Whisky Magazine.

Authored the book “Perfect Martini”.
His whisky cocktails are regularly featured in Whisky Magazine.