Toshihiko Ikeda

Born 1980 in Tokyo. After graduating in oil painting at the Tama Art University, he completed a master course in engraving at Tokyo Art University.
He has received many awards, including the "2006 Agency for Cultural Affairs Excellent Art Work Acquisitiion", "What is Drawing?", and the "1st Grand Prix".
At present, he is carrying out research for the Agency for Cultural Affairs in London.

Hajime Emoto

Born 1970 in Hyogo Prefecture. He completed his master course in the Research Department of Tsukuba University.
He creates works of monsters and imaginary beasts which are so real you might think they really exist.
Most of them are made of paper.

Tetsui Oshima

1926-1999, born in Aichi Prefecture. He made Japanese on the theme of Japanese folklore and ethnic studies.
Studied fantastic art in Vienna as a researcher of the Agency for Cultural Affairs,
and after returning to Japan, was a founding member of the 1st Hitobito Exhibition.

Michiyo Kamei

Born 1966 in Tokyo. Studied anatomy at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University,
and the knowledge she gained, her own ideas, doubts and interpretations crystallized into works and quests.
For this "YOKAI TOUR", she has taken up the challenge of new motifs and materials,
and is creating new works. She is a member of the Hitobito Kai.

Koei Nishida

Born 1961 in Shimane Prefecture. He is a Buddhist priest of the Jodoshu Sect.
He graduated at Kyoto Seika University.
He creates photographs and works using photosensitive emulsions, and has presented works of objects.
The attraction of his works are the focus on "frailty" which he senses in everyday life, and the delicate expression.
At present, he is creating works of acrylic paintings.

Nobuo Magome

Born 1976 in Tokyo. Completed his master course in Japanese painting at Tama Art University.
His works have consistently focused on Japanese supernatural beings.
He has interpreted these beings passed down from generation to generation in his own way, and is creating modern paintings of them.


Exhibition "YOKAI TOUR"

| Toshihiko Ikeda | Hajime Emoto  | Tetsui Oshima |
| Michiyo Kamei | Koei Nishida |  Nobuo Magome |

Admission Free / Open every day
(*There maybe occasions due to events in The Loungewhen viewing is not possible)

"Yokai" describes an extraordinary phenomenon or nasty monster which cannot be understood by human beings.
It is feared because it frightens people, runs amok and causes disasters. Sometimes, "Yokai" is considered to be God’s double,
neither good nor bad, and is passed down from generation to generation, mentioned in folklore, or appears in comics.
It's a familiar symbol of summer which is well-known to Japanese people.
Please enjoy the works on display which reveal this mysterious entity normally invisible to human eyes.

[Cooperation]: Hagurodo ,Shinobazu Gallery [Produced by] Creativecreative unit moon
[Video Production]:antymark
※During the duration of the event, works by Antymark,
a visual arts creative unit, related to the exhibition will be projected on a large screen in the atrium.