Asuka Tsutsumi

2000 Graduated from the Department of Painting at the Musashino Art University College of Art and Design.
Member of Artist group C-DEPOT
Member of Art unit MIKAZUKIMO

2008 “C-DEPOT 2008” Responsible for the original picture behind a giant 13m object (Spiral, Aoyama)
2009 “C-DEPOT square” (Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, Yurakucho)
2010 “C-DEPOT 2010” Responsible for the mural at Zo-no-Hana Terrace (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse)
2011 “C-DEPOT 2011” Displayed a 2m x 5m two-dimensional work, Mikazukimo (Spiral, Aoyama)
2011 “Tanzaku-ten” (Hakkendo & art data bank, Ginza)
2015 Public production of Mikazukimo at Ikebukuro Art Gathering
2016 “C-DEPOT Japan Fusion - Flowers -” (Park Hotel Tokyo, Shiodome)
2016 Responsible for the workshop at Hirosaki Design Week

Other works have been shown at exhibitions in venues including Tokyo Design Week, Shibuya Seibu, and Isetan. Mainly draws two-dimensional works using dots, on the themes of “energy and resonance”. Holds an interest in the human mind, plants, and the world of the spiritual. The dots and colors that appear frequently in the work are treated as one of the elements that make up energy, and are drawn such that each of them resonates and expands.


Asuka Tsutsumi Art Exhibition – Spring Festival of Blessing -

PARK HOTEL TOKYO 25F/31F / OPEN 11:00-20:00
March 11, 2019 (Mon.) – June 2, 2019 (Sun.)

Admission Free / Open daily
(*There maybe occasions due to events in the ART Lounge when viewing is not possible)

At the Park Hotel Tokyo, we welcome our guests with hospitality in the form of “arrangement”, one of Japan’s aesthetic values, expressed through the medium of art. As part of this initiative, we hold series of art exhibition, “ART colours”, representing the four seasons of Japan. On this 28th exhibition, we will be representing spring through the works of artist Asuka Tsutsumi.

From ancient times, the Japanese have expressed the coming of spring in a variety of ways. Spring is when plants put forth new shoots under gentle, soft sunlight, and many kinds of animals burst into action — the season when all things are full of energy and life itself shines brightly. The coming of this season, filled with positive life force, is celebrated with spring festivals in every corner of Japan. This exhibition will display works by Asuka Tsutsumi, expressing in dots the source of that energy — “spring light”.

Come and experience, through the works of Asuka Tsutsumi, the sights and symbols of a spring where vital energies gather to create a rich new future, bringing dreams and hope.

[Curated by] fuyama art
[Planning Cooperation] creative unit moon
[Video Production] antymark annex