Exhibiting Artists

sono / Kentaro Watanabe / Ken Tamura / Izanaimikoto / TOMO / Hiroaki Tanaka / Setsuka Ishiguro / yumiko.u / Asuka Kanaya / MAYA / Mitsuru Akaboshi / Yuki Kizu / Maya Sugiyama / ANNA / Kenji Horimoto / Shinnosuke Matsumoto / Ayumi / Tsuyoshi Aoki / Yuna Ishiguro / Aruku Hizuki / Reo Murai / Hiroshi Fukuda / mizuki / Sarika / Mika Kamijyo / Jci / Tae Takubo / Kanon Okazaki / Risa Izumi / Haruka Asano / Mutsumi Amano


Bunch of Fun Things Art Exhibition

PARK HOTEL TOKYO 25F/31F / OPEN 11:00-20:00
September 3, 2018 (Mon.) - December 2, 2018 (Sun.)

Admission Free / Open daily
(*There maybe occasions due to events in the ART Lounge when viewing is not possible)

Bunch of Fun Things Art Exhibition will be held as the 26th exhibition of ART colours which celebrates the four seasons of Japan with arts. This is a collaboration exhibition with artists from Paralym Art*.

"Dash over the autumn hills and through the fields, and enjoy everything nature has to offer."

In nature, there are many wonders and discoveries to be made, and you will find a bunch of fun things to enjoy. This autumn, Park Hotel Tokyo will be decorated with many artworks by many artists, to give the impression of being in the midst of those very same hills and fields.

Enjoy the artworks like deliciously ripe fruits, as if you are dashing over the autumn hill and fields.

* About Paralym Art
Paralym Art is a social business certified by “beyond2020” program, which gives logo marks to cultural programs that contribute to the creation of legacy that is proud of the next generation, making full use of the regional rich and diverse cultures. Dedicated to creating a world where those with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art, Paralym Art teams up with disabled artists to foster the self-sufficiency of people with disabilities with the support of businesses and individuals, independent of social welfare.

[Cooperation] Shogaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association Introducing Paralym Art
[Planning assisted by] creative unit moon
[Produced by] Sougou Shouken Co., Ltd.
[Organized by] Park Hotel Tokyo