Aki Narita(1966〜 )

"Even now, I live at the bottom of a burning well. Fire trucks will not come to the bottom and there are no exits. I will continue to draw forever, just staying at the bottom, longing for a shocking, unexpected happiness that will someday ring to the Realm of the Seventh Sense."

Born 1966 in Aomori Prefecture. From when she was very small, using cartoons and picture books as models, she started painting. Coming up to Tokyo from Aomori, when she was about 20, she started out as an artist after meeting the art critic Yoshie Yoshida and others. Since her twenties, she often interacted with great masters like Eikoh Hosoe, Yütokutaishi Akiyama, Kei Hiraga and Tetsumi Kudo, and raised the standard of art. Currently, she displays her works in private exhibitions, special exhibitions, and illustrations.

1990 Aki Narita Solo Exhibition (Space NIKI)
2000 Group exhibition HITO HITO TEN
2005 Group exhibition UKIYOE & OIRAN (HAGURODO)
2008 Exhibited at Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 08 (Hotel New Otani)
2010 Aki Narita Solo Exhibition (Shinobazu Gallery)
2015 Spent half a year creating Artist Room Geisha Goldfish at Park Hotel Tokyo, YOKAI TOUR II Exhibition (Park Hotel Tokyo), Group exhibition JAPANESE EROTICIZM (Bunkamura Gallery) 2016 Group exhibition Masuo Ikeda & Black Venus (Shinobazu Gallery), Ayakashi - Mysterious Aquarium Exhibition (Park Hotel Tokyo), Appear on BS FUJI TV program “BREAK ZENYA” 2017 Aki Narita Solo Exhibition (Shinobazu Gallery)
2018 Group exhibition BREAK ZENYA TEN (Bunkamura Gallery), Group exhibition Beast Woman (Shinobazu Gallery)

Yoko Naito(1985〜 )

"It is said that there are proverbs related to wells from all over the world from various ages. For example, ‘The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean’, ‘Truth lies at the bottom of a well’, and so on. There are indeed limits to what you can see, and truth is exceedingly far away. However, at the same time, these lessons that people have been familiar with from long ago, tells us that people have continue to direct their attention toward the extremely magnificent and the unknown, to the complex pulse = the underground water veins. Perhaps our eyes are constantly directed towards the 'bottom of the well.'"

Born 1985 in Chigasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture. Having left high school before graduation, became an autodidact and started painting with a variety of techniques from oil painting, Nihonga (Japanese painting), ink drawing to printmaking. Holds private exhibitions at Tokyo galleries such as Hagurodo and TOKYO YAESU T-BOX, and also exhibits widely in group projects, and at many national and international art fairs.

1985 Born in Chigasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture, where she continues to reside.
2000 Inspired by an exhibition of Toshiyuki Hasekawa held at the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama, began teaching herself painting.
2003 After leaving high school before graduation, held an independent solo exhibition in a local space. Spurred by this experience, began regularly exhibiting at various galleries.
2004 Held solo exhibitions at Gallery BURIKIBOSHI and HAGURODO.
Since then, in addition to her work at TOKYO YAESU T-BOX, has held solo exhibitions at various spaces, mainly across Tokyo.
Participated in numerous group exhibitions, as well as domestic and international art fairs.
2005 Exhibited annually at HITO HITO TEN, an exhibition by Hito Hito Kai, held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Became a member of Hito Hito Kai in 2014.


-At the Bottom of a Well- Aki Narita x Yoko Naito Art Exhibition

PARK HOTEL TOKYO 25F/31F / OPEN 11:00-20:00
June 11, 2018 (Mon.) - September 2, 2018 (Sun.)

Admission Free / Open daily
(*There maybe occasions due to events in the ART Lounge when viewing is not possible)

This summer, the 30 meter open air atrium at Park Hotel Tokyo will turn into a "well"!?

-At the Bottom of a Well- Aki Narita x Yoko Naito Art Exhibition will be held as the 25th exhibition of ART colours which celebrates the four seasons of Japan with arts. This is a collaboration exhibition by two artists who have gained popularity through the Park Hotel Tokyo’s Artist in Hotel Project, where they each created a hotel room named after a fish, which are “Geisha Goldfish” and “Carp.”

Wells probably exist, or have existed, everywhere in the world. For human beings, who are not able to survive without water, wells are a primitive and fundamental blessing from God. From ancient times, it has been sanctified and considered to be the entrance to other worlds that connect to the underworld, and as a forbidden place that must not be infringed upon. Many of you probably know of ghost stories related to wells here in Japan as well. Also, it is said that there have been actual cases where carps were released as guardian angels.

Aki Narita is an artist with a style as if there is fierce passion dwelling within deeply settled latent memories, and Yoko Naito draws the internal impulse that wells up in search of truth using a pragmatic and free technique. The artworks of these two contrasting female artists will turn the hotel's atrium on the 25th floor into a well in the sky. At night, the projection mapping video will flow through the entire walls, and the works of the two artists will swim freely in the simulated well space. In this space, where it is like a well filled with cool water, please enjoy a moment forgetting about the sweltering summer heat.

[Cooperation]Shinobazu Gallery HAGURODO
[Video Production] antymark annex
[Produced by] creative unit moon