Yuji Kanamaru(1978〜 )

1978 Born in Kanagawa, Japan 2001 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music / B.F.A in Design Course 2002 Established the artist group “C-DEPOT” 2003 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music / M.F.A in Painting and Decorative Arts, “EXHIBITION C-DEPOT 2003” (-2012) 2011 Solo Exhibition “God's residence” / Artfair Tokyo 2011 (2016) 2012 Solo Exhibition curated by New Ikebukuro Montparnasse West Exit Kaiyu Art Museum, ART TAIPEI 2012 / Taipei World Trade Center, Published the picture book “Memory of the Earth” 2014 “KISS THE HEART #3” / Shop window of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, “ART FAIR C-DEPOT -Shapes of HEART-” / Shibuya Seibu 2015 Published the artist book “Messenger of the age” (Maria Publications) 2016 “KUDOYAMA ART FESTIVAL” / Kudoyama 2017 Mighty Atom × C-DEPOT “Our ATOM Exhibition” / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & WACCA IKEBUKURO, “Wagahai no Neko Exhibition” / The Sato Museum of Art


Yuji Kanamaru WILD PLANET -Spring of Life- Art Exhibition

PARK HOTEL TOKYO 25F/31F / OPEN 11:00-20:00
March 12, 2018 (Mon.) - May 20, 2018 (Sun.)

Admission Free / Open daily
(*There maybe occasions due to events in the ART Lounge when viewing is not possible)

Yuji Kanamaru WILD PLANET -Spring of Life- Art Exhibition will be held as the 24th exhibition of ART colours which celebrates the four seasons of Japan with art.

Having overcome the harsh winter, all living things are awakening to greet the oncoming spring, and this season at the Park Hotel Tokyo, these painted animals are coming to life. The Earth is an organism, and each living thing carries a memory of this planet. This solo exhibition by artist Yuji Kanamaru finds continuity between life in ancient times and the present, through the depiction of animals.

Scenes depict flounders from the sea, apparently chatting contentedly; hermit crabs fidgeting in the sand; a mandrill monkey and its child having just awoken on land; and ecstatic elephants running merrily. The joy of spring beckons you to leave the congestion of city life behind, and ascend the high rise building in Shiodome, Tokyo to have your anxieties eased by the breath of animals in this artistic paradise.

Come and experience the dreamlike world of spring, all within the space of the Park Hotel Tokyo.

[Curation] fuyama art
[Video Production] antymark annex
[Produced by] creative unit moon