Cicci & Sulley

Cicci & Sulley is an artists' unit of two people who met each other in the Printmaking Course of Tama Art University. It was inaugurated in 2002.
Their unit was awarded the Yoshimoto Kogyo Scout Prize at "GEISAI 2", organized by Takashi Murakami. Thereafter, based in Osaka, they displayed their talents in many fields like the world of art, fashion and the mass media.
Cicci creates works which leave a lasting impression of color and human emotion.
Sulley's works, on the other hand, transcend space beyond the two dimensions of the canvas.
This two-person unit is weaving a new artistic landscape. In this exhibition, for the first time, they take up the new challenge of a fusion between proverbs and art.


Cicci (Sayaka Koiizuka)

Graduated from Department of Painting, Printmaking Course of Tama Art University.
She creates colorful and powerful artistic works by printing on a base using her own original technique. While at university, she received the EST New Generation Exhibition Award. As an additional commendation, she was placed in charge of visuals of EST-1, the Osaka Station Building, for one year. Following this, she branched out into other areas such as fashion buildings, CD jackets, bag designs and book illustrations. In 2014 and 2015, she participated in Young Art Taipei from DMO ARTS. At present, in addition to magazine articles and advertisements, she draws illustrations for the fashion brand Nigatsu, by Naoyuki Tajima.


Sulley (Yukiko Yoshida)

Graduated from Department of Painting, Printmaking Course of Graduate School, Tama Art University.
Her art works made from prints and collages reveal a world of fables and stories. With her creative power, she tells stories which boldly express the truth without allowing herself to become trapped in her own images, or in antiquated ways of thinking. These works are imbued with a sense of reality and "musicality" which projects a feeling of affluence. Recently, she has been assiduously working on the themes of "Warmth" and "Feeling of Touch" in today's digital, convenient world - a world where we are surrounded by sounds and images we hear and see on PCs.

vol.19 2016-2017 WINTER EXHIBITION

KARUTA Exhibition


[Exhibiting artists]
Cicci & Sulley

Admission Free / Open daily
(*There maybe occasions due to events in The Lounge when viewing is not possible)

"Iroha Karuta" is a card game enjoyed by family, relatives and friends in a grand New Year ambiance. It is also an opportunity for children to learn the language by playing with uniquely Japanese words using traditional cards. Iroha Katura consists of 48 reading cards with 48 picture cards of Iroha Tankas (educational, metaphorical proverbs and songs led by the forty-seven kana, known as "Iroha", and one Chinese letter, "Kyo"), a total of 96 cards. The proverbs depend on the region such as Edo (Tokyo), Kamigata (Kyoto-Osaka area) or Owari (Nagoya), and their content has also changed according to the times. The words written on these small rectangular cards are also a part of Japanese culture that reflects the character and language of the local area.

In the 19th exhibition "KARUTA Exhibition" in the ART colours series which presents art in each of Japan’s four seasons, two artists, Cicci (Sayaka Koiizuka) and Sulley (Yukiko Yoshida), who are based in Osaka, will display artworks on the theme of "karuta", and create new "iroha". These "karuta" picture cards are elaborate, unique and humorous. Also, while viewing the works, you can sample original dessert and cocktail with the exhibition works as motifs for this limited time only. We hope you enjoy the "KARUTA Exhibition", which transcends language barriers through the power of art.

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