Koji Nakano

1977 Born in Iwate, Japan
2000 Graduated from Sculpture course of Tokyo Zokei University
2011 NAKANO KOJI SCULPTURE (gallery FuTaBa/roid works gallery,Tokyo)
2013 "Who am I" (roid works gallery, Tokyo)


The world of Koji Nakano
- Kneading, molding, dusting and laying down

14 Sep. 2015(mon)-29 Nov. 2015(sun)

Artist: Koji Nakano
Admission Free / Open every day
(*There maybe occasions due to events in The Loungewhen viewing is not possible)

Autumn means harvest, festivals, good appetite. Autumn is also the season of art which gives presents you with a sense of new values and new experiences. Among the 4 seasons, each one different from the other, which are at the core of Japanese spirituality, autumn gives us rich pleasure. In this ART colours, Vol.14, the modern sculpture of the artist Koji Nakano welcomes you.
The artist says: “The important thing is not only finished sculptures – the process of creating them, where you immerse yourself in the work, and it takes shape bit by bit to rapidly form an image, is just like making dumplings that I observed in my hometown of Iwate. Then, using everything in daily life as your materials and elements, you carefully knead it, mold it, dust it and lay it down”. These are the works of Koji Nakano which, while somehow charming, somehow absurd, somehow crazy, radiate a strong sense of presence. They look very different side by side, but they are imbued with praise for those who, although they might be lonely, are also calm, optimistic and resilient.
In the coming new season, why not have lunch or tea in the most luxurious lounge in Tokyo with its open ceiling, surrounded by these unique sculptural works full of originality. Or spend an autumn evening when the sun goes down with the projection mapping on the great wall, sipping a novelty cocktail specially created to match the works.

[Cooperation] roid works gallery [Produced by] creative unit moon [Video Production] antymark
※During the duration of the event, works by antymark,
a visual arts creative unit, related to the exhibition will be projected on a large screen in the atrium.