Chinatsu Aita

Born 1980 in Hokkaido. A modern painter who paints memories and broken memories filled with supernatural creatures.

Toshihiko Ikeda

Born 1980 in Tokyo. Paints monsters that live for tens of thousand years in very fine point and line drawings.


Born 1994 in Osaka. Paints supernatural creatures with a unique concept that integrates “calligraphy”.

Jun Kamei

Born 1969 in Wakayama Prefecture. Creates supernatural figures called otogi (fairy) dolls.

Chigusa Kitano

Born 1979 in Hokkaido. Also does oil paintings that mix supernatural creatures and shunga (erotic pictures).

Tomiyuki Sakuta

Born 1960 in Yamagata Prefecture. His monsters, which are deformations of real-life models, are world-class.

Hiroshi Takemoto

Born 1985 in Hyogo Prefecture. A sculptor who produces Japanese supernatural creatures in the classic dry lacquer technique.

Aki Narita

Born 1966 in Aomori Prefecture. Paints bewitching, seductive female supernatural creatures.
[Artist in Hotel No.9 "Geisha Goldfish" ]

Hiroko Fukuda

Born 1986 in Tochigi Prefecture. Young copperplate artist who paints beautiful coquettish supernatural creatures in fine detail.

Nobuo Magome

Born 1976 in Tokyo. Japanese artist who paints supernatural creatures that make people happy.
[Artist in Hotel no.5 "Yokai" ]

Chieko Minowa

Born 1986 in Nara.  Paints supernatural creatures (kudan) in Japanese paintings and copper engraving.

Kana Yamada

Born 1985 in Tokyo.  Paints supernatural creatures and fairies who want to get along well with people.

Daigo Yokoyama

Born 1963 in Tokyo.  Self-taught artitst.  Creates clay models and supernatural creatures such as kappa.


YOKAI TOUR Ⅱ Exhibition
-Large Collection of Hobgoblins, West and East, Down through the Ages-

29 June. 2015(Mon)-30 Aug. 2015(Sun)
Chinatsu Aita, Toshihiko Ikeda, Jun Kamei, Chigusa Kitano, Tomiyuki Sakuta, Hiroshi Takemoto, Aki Narita, Hiroko Fukuda, Nobuo Magome, Chieko Minowa, Kana Yamada, Daigo Yokoyama
Admission Free / Open every day
(*There maybe occasions due to events in The Lounge when viewing is not possible)

In Japan, there is an ancient concept that spirits (= Gods) dwell in all of creation, and bizarre things out of the ordinary were considered to be the work of hobgoblins. I think that scary stories, tales of horror and monster houses in which they appeared, give you such chills that it beats the heat of summer, which is also testimony that the wonder of Japanese culture has survived from olden times up to the present.
In summer 2015, at Shiodome Park Hotel Tokyo, we have a large collection of hobgoblins down through the ages. “Rokurokubi”, a strange and incredibly beautiful woman in the daytime whose neck stretches out at night, "Kudan", a monster with the face of a man and the body of a bull with a terrifying prophecy that you will die in 3 days, and the “Karakasa Kozou” with a child's body that surprises people by jumping on its one leg. Scary “monsters” are not the only things on show. There are also fairies that occupy a place in the human heart and want to be friends with you someday, and cheerful “L&L” that change negative things into positive ones. Across the sea from the West, there are also monsters with weapons like money beams, breast milk splashes, and a black hole like a pupil. Of the more than 100 hobgoblins, fairies and monsters which are exhibited (or hidden) here, how many can you find? And during your search, you can completely forget even the heat of summer. This summer, why not pluck up your courage to visit the scary exhibition at the Park Hotel Tokyo?

[Cooperation] Shinobazu Gallery, Katsumi Yamato Gallery, Fuyama Art
[Produced by] creative unit moon
[Video Production] antymark
※During the duration of the event, works by Antymark,
a visual arts creative unit, related to the exhibition will be projected on a large screen in the atrium.