Ryosuke Yasumoto 1954-

Born in Himeji. Retired from hearing-impaired school of fine arts attached to University of Tsukuba.
Selected for Won Gateway-to-Success "Yasui Award" for representational painting, and won the “Showa Kai” award. His works which, although produced in a world without sound, evoke musicality, like rhythm and symphony, and are appreciated by both ordinary fine arts fans and professionals.
He makes paintings with familiar materials (magazine clippings, roots of plants, corrugated paper, cigarette butts) instead of paints, and fabricates colorful objects in which cloth or Japanese paper is wound around cores of wire or twigs.

Maiko Muro 1974-

Born in Tokyo. Graduated in '96 from the English course of Dokkyo University Foreign Language Faculty.
During about 4 years spent in Mexico from 1997, studied art at La Esmeralda School of Art, Mexico State University. After returning to Japan, she studied sculpture in the KOBATAKE studio and created works (3D/2D) from various raw materials with vivid colors and pottery, based on the concept of “borderless”. Holds many private exhibitions and group exhibitions in various places. Now working on a collaborative animation project with a Mexican artist.

Yuya Koiizuka 1975-

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Graduated from woodblock print course at Tama University of Fine Arts.
Won the Kochi International Woodprint Triennial Exhibition Award (prize for fine works), Sapporo International Woodblock Print Biennale Award (Sponsor Prize), The Prints 21 Grand Prix Exhibition Award (Sponsor Prize), and the Japan Woodblock Print Association Exhibition Award (prize for fine works). He focuses on the commonplace, and introduces things around him like people, animals and scenery. Recently, he has more family members, and is creating works of increasingly rich variety.

Yosikazu Yanagi 1977-

Exhibited at "TOKYO WONDER SEEDS" (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya). Participates in private exhibitions and group shows in Japan and overseas as a young contemporary painter, and also contributes a large number of works to art fairs, such as " ART FAIR TOKYO ", "ART OSAKA", and "Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair" .
The painter, who describes his own character as “too serious", thinks is the most beautiful form is that of symmetry. He paints oil colors painstakingly on canvas based on symmetrical forms created by importing images of familiar objects like pets and children, and scenery, with a personal computer. His outstanding feature are beautiful matières which take many hours to finish.

Asa Go 1978-

Born in Kanagawa. Graduated from the western painting course at The Women's College of Fine Arts. Completed the oil painting graduate course at Tokyo Art University.
She has continued to be active from her school days, such as at "Tokyo Wonder Wall" (Tokyo Metropolitan Contemporary Art Museum), "Uenonomori Art Museum Grand-Prix Exhibition” (prize for excellence), and private exhibitions at the Sato Art Museum, and Karuizawa New Art Museum. From 2005-6, she lived in New York for one year under an overseas study program for the Agency for Cultural Affairs. As a 3rd generation Korean, she continues to explore herself, the relation between herself and others, and her identity. Her works feature people personified as rabbits.

Yuji Kanamaru 1978-

Born in Kanagawa. Graduated from Tokyo Art University Design Course.
In 2003, completed the university graduate school master's course. In 2012 and 2013, engaged in activities overseas at ART TAIPEI (Taiwan), and in 2013, KIAF (South Korea). In Japan, has many private exhibitions at department stores, art galleries, and national art fairs. Popular sellout artist. The cracks in his paintings are his own original idea, made by overlaying colors about 20 times to express the textures of animals which are the motifs. In 2002, he set up the artist group C-DEPOT, serves as its representative, and explores the role of an artist in society.

Akiko Sumiyoshi 1981-

Born in Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from the Visual Design Course in the Fine Arts Department of Bunsei University of Art, in 2005, she began to work as a painter in earnest. In 2008, she won the "First art_icle prize" Grand Prix Award.
She has already exhibited many works at private exhibition and group exhibitions in Japan. A large number have also been to art fairs in Japan and overseas, such as "ART FAIR TOKYO ", "ART OSAKA", "YOUNG ART TAIPEI/Taiwan", and "Korea International Art Fair/ South Korea". She creates visionary, charming works in which animals and plants are united in one motif. Each work produced through her filter is filled with vitality, and projects the warmth of the artist as if all living things are loved.

Sayuri Nishimura 1988-

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Completed master's course in Culture of Art at Tohoku University of Art & Design.
She was fascinated by dragons from her childhood, and draws after entering university, painted only dragons. The educational policy was that an artist should paint everything she wants to paint, so she also painted dragons in all classes she attended. Her graduation work received a prize for excellence, and she entered the graduate course. She continued to study dragons of all ages and countries, and for her master’s graduation piece, she painted her own version of “The Tale of the Dragon of Yamagata”" which regards the dragon as a thing of power with domain over nature. For this reason, her nickname is "Drako" (Child of the Dragon).

Masuo Ikeda 1934-1997

Born in Mukden City in the former Manchuria, and grew up in Nagano. in 1966, was awarded the Grand Prix at the Venice Biennale Exhibition. For his first novel, “Dedicated to the Aegean Sea”, he won the Akutagawa Prize. He was a natural artist who demonstrated his talent in a plethora of fields such as pictures, ceramic art, sculpture, novels, essays, and as a film director, until he passed away suddenly. Many private exhibitions of his work were held in Japan and overseas, such as a private exhibition in 1965 at the New York Museum of Modern Art - the second Japanese to exhibit there. In 1997, the Masuo Ikeda Art Museum opened in his hometown of Nagano City, and in 2012, a Masuo Ikeda Commemoration Gallery opened at his alma mater, Nagano High School.

Koichi Tanikawa 1938-

Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Kogyokusha High School, he studied painting by himself. In 1963, he submitted his work at the Yomiuri Independants Exhibition, and in the next year, he had his first private exhibition. Many exhibitions were then held all over the country, such as private exhibitions at the Mitaka City Art Gallery and the Itami City Art Museum, and group exhibitions at the Nerima Ward Art Museum. When he moved to the Izu Plateau in 1988, he concentrated on animism, and his paintings became cheerful and colorful. In addition to painting, he is active in many fields, such as the literary profession, and art direction.

vol. 11 2014-2015 WINTER EXHIBITION

Winter Zoo Exhibition

15 Dec. 2014(Mon)-1 Mar. 2015(Sun)
Ryosuke Yasumoto, Maiko Muro, Yuya Koiizuka, Yoshikazu Yanagi, Asa Go, Yuji Kanamaru, Akiko Sumiyoshi, Sayuri Nishimura
[31F Special exhibits] Masuo Ikeda & Koichi Tanikawa
Admission Free / Open every day
(*There maybe occasions due to events in The Loungewhen viewing is not possible)

 A zoo in winter?! This is the season animals, and the humans looking at them, would freeze to death if they stood still. But this zoo is in the Atrium of the warm and friendly Park Hotel. Eight artists active on the current scene (Ryosuke Yasumoto, Maiko Muro, Yuya Koiizuka, Yoshikazu Yanagi, Asa Go, Yuji Kanamaru, Akiko Sumiyoshi, Sayuri Nishimura) have brought together all sorts of animal works to create a zoo of the artist's world for you to enjoy at your leisure. We wish you a happy Christmas and New Year with the unique, relaxed feeling of the Atrium of the Park Hotel Tokyo, and its spacious, high-vaulted ceiling, together with these animal artworks.

[Cooperation] Shinobazu Gallery, Katsumi Yamato Gallery, TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Gallery Nii Tokyo, Fuyama Art
[Produced by] creative unit moon
[Video Production] antymark
※During the duration of the event, works by Antymark,
a visual arts creative unit, related to the exhibition will be projected on a large screen in the atrium.