[Mayako Nakamura]

Mayako Nakamura (1976-) is a painter, living and working in Tokyo. She exhibits her work in both domestic and foreign venues since 2009. She explains her working method: "I trace the shapes of space and boundaries in everyday, as my body feels. When numerous senses woven together with the impressions of the reality that my mind has already known, and with the universal shapes that my kokoro longs for, another day appears on my canvas." Mayako's works has been used as book cover and CD jacket illustrations, collaborates with clothing brands, creates clocks and ceramic paintings as well as paintings on canvas.



Graduated from Musashino Art University, Tokyo   Graduate work received Award of Excellence
Selected for P&E 2009 at ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka

2010 Received Suzuki Seiichi Special Award at HB Gallery Artist File Competition, HB Gallery, Tokyo
Selected for Toyota Art Competition 2010, Toyota
2011 "Two sides to every story" at Gallery Valeur, Issha, Nagoya
2012 "The Neighborhood" at Gallery Echo ann, Ginza, Tokyo
2013 "Spaces and Boundaries" at ARTIFACT, NYC, USA
2014 "Birdie, birdie, birdie!" Gallery Echo-ann / Ginza, Tokyo

Solo and group shows in domestic and foreign venues.