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Artist in Hotel

Park Hotel Tokyo plans to add nine Artist Rooms per year over the next three years to create an entire Artist Floor, totaling 31 rooms, as part of its Artist in Hotel project, an adaptation of the well-known "Artist-In-Residence" program in a hotel setting.
In the project, the hotel transforms standard guest rooms into Artist Rooms encapsulating their creators' passions and views of the world, with the artists painting on walls and decorating the rooms with their original paintings or art objects based on the inspiration they obtained while staying at the hotel.
Through this project the hotel endeavors to reach out to foreign guests who are interested in Japanese aesthetics and arts in order to help enhance their cultural experiences during their stay in Japan. It offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy art from the comfort of their hotel room.

SUMO Room: The first AIH room to be created, the room is dedicated to the Japanese national sport of Sumo. Artist Hiroyuki Kimura is an avid fan and visits various sumo stables each day to capture the sumo wrestlers training.
ZEN Room: Produced by calligrapher Seihaku Akiba under the concept of Japanese Zen. The room invites those staying to find tranquility in an urban setting.
WASHI Room: This room features Washi, traditional Japanese paper, as its theme. The Japanese paper artist, Naoki Takenouchi, carves the wooden blocks used for the printing by hand and produced 108 demi-gods which are found in the room in this manner. 

Please note that when reserving, specific rooms may be requested but are subject to availability. 

[Cooperation]:Hagurodo (http://www.hagurodo.jp), Shinobazu gallery (http://shinobazu.com) [Produced by]: creative unit moon (http://www.moooon.jp)