[Osamu Nakajima]

Like sketching landscapes, towns, people, school life, variety halls, entertainment, town life and familiar things. Paint bird's-eye views, genre, and what seen and felt. Use oil paints, templates, watercolors and India ink as artists' tools.


1960 Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
After living in Mie Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture,entered the Musashino School of Fine Arts.
1985 Exhibited at Shutai-ten exhibition (thereafter, every year)
1986 Completed Musashino Art University Graduate SchoolModeling Research Department (Oil-painting course)
1990 Fine works artist at Shutai-ten exhibition, became member.
1992 Yasui Prize Exhibition (1994), comic storytelling pictorial folding screens (Akafuku collection, Ise)
1993 Private exhibition (Kinokuniya Art Gallery, same in 1998)
1995 Private exhibition (Akane Gallery, same in 2000)
1996 Exhibited at "The Shape of Time" Exhibition(Yokohama Citizens' Gallery, thereafter, every year)
2002 Cultural Affairs Agency Contemporary Art SelectionExhibition, and private exhibition (ART BOX gallery)
2008 "Osamu Nakajima Exhibition at Yokohama Nigiwai-Za", ("Yokohama Nigiwai-Za", thereafter every year).

Currently member of Society for Shutai Fine Arts, and member of Japan Artists' Association