[OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke]

All things trace a circle around a primordial thought of circulation in the middle.
This image continues to amplify itself through the body, and using a unique approach, is expressed and created.
In nature, touching the trees and soil, I dissolve into the earth.

Started LivePaint from 2001, in the pursuit of extemporaneity and specificity of each location. Also decorate the insides and outsides of shops, and plan exhibitions and exhibits.In recent years, working on large “ema” for offerings and paintings for picture explanation, which fused unique Japanese thought and feeling.
I continue to search for the “something” hidden in all things.


2011 Drew large ema entitled “Onbashirataisai Gyoretsuzu” (Procession at Onbashira Festival), dedicated it to Takei Shrine in Nagano Prefecture
2013 Drew large ema entitled “Chitosenomiya Shukireisai Mikoshi Togyozu” (Mikoshi Carrying at Chitose no Miya Shukireisai Festival), dedicated it to Chitose no Miya in Nagano Prefecture
2014 Invited and participated in international art festival in Iceland
Drew “Zenkojimairi Etokizu” (Picture Explanation of Zenkoji visit), and participated in developing new culture of picture explanation
2015 Invited and participated in international art festival in Turkey
2016 Drew large ema entitled “Azumaku Kannondo Konjaku Ezu” (Past and Present Drawing of Tofukuji Azumaku), dedicated it to Tofukuji Azumaku Kannondo in Nagano Prefecture
Selected as the winner of the inaugural RONIN-GLOBUS ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM
Solo Exhibition “I – My - Me” at gallery151A, Tokyo

Paintbrush is still running now