[Yoko Naito]

Yoko Naito was born in 1985, in Chigasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.
Having left high school before graduation, Naito became an autodidact and started painting with a variety of techniques from oil painting, Nihonga [Japanese painting], ink drawing to woodblock printmaking. She also has closely collaborated with experimental musicians such as sound-improviser/ composer Tetuzi Akiyama, occasionally producing “Enha [circle wave]” multiples with her artwork dedicated to collaborators' sound/music and organizing performance event “Nami no Kai [wave gathering].” Naito's work always reflects her interest in harmony and androgyny inherent to the human being as well as in an ancient Zen belief in mind-body unity.
The artist holds private exhibitions at Tokyo galleries such as Hagurodo, T-BOX, and also exhibits widely in group projects, and at many national and international art fairs.