Akiba Seihaku, calligrapher, was born in Tokyo in 1954.
He learnt the theory of art in the Edo culture from Matsunosuke Nishiyama at Seijo University.
Based on his long study of aesthetics, such as antique art and contemporary art,
he has published his own calligraphy on the theme of "prayer",
and engraved letters directly on wood as well as writing them on paper.

2003-2005 Created NHK Stella magazine headers, and "Musashi", "Shinsengumi" and "Yoshitsune" drama headers
2004 Offered a large calligraphy, "Shin I", to the main building of Suwa shrine on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of its founding

Wrote the Japanese title in calligraphy for the photo collection "Memories of Showa Reborn" by Kiyoshi Sonobe

Designed the calligraphy plate over the Jojubashi ("Bridge of a Couple's Happiness") at "Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoten Temple"

2008 Art Fair Tokyo Exhibition (Tokyo International Forum)
2008, 2010, 2012 Solo exhibitions (77 Galleries)
2010 Appeared on NHK "TOKYO EYE"
2012 Exhibited at Art colors vol.03, "Fragrance of the Moon" (Park Hotel Tokyo)
2013 Solo exhibition (Sen Gallery), etc.

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